Deluxe Ionic Foot Spa

...Because we live in a toxic world.

The Body Balance System™ Ionic Foot Spa

Benefits of the ionic foot spa. 

Have you ever noticed that when you walk along the beach with the waves breaking at your feet or stand next to a waterfall, or paddle down a river, or walk in the mountains surrounded with trees that you feel refreshed, your brain clears, and you have a feeling of tranquility.  This wonderful feeling comes from being bombarded with an abundance of negative ions.  In our homes and offices where we spend most of our time, we are assaulted with positive ions that come from our computer monitors, wireless phones, and other electromagnetic sources.  Positive ions make us feel tired and sluggish.  To make matters worse, we live in a toxic world.  The pollution in the air, the chemicals in our food and water, and even stress can contribute to the toxic burden our body has to handle.  These excess accumulated toxins can cause tissue damage that leads to diseased organs.  Fortunately, the ionic foot spa provides an efficient way to help eliminate these toxins, while restoring that feeling of well being.

The Ionic Foot Spa has been used professionally to offer support with the following:

    * Toxic Overload
    * Menopause Health
    * Menstrual Cramps & Menstrual Health
    * Sexual Health
    * Healthy Skin
    * Sleep Difficulty
    * Restlessness
    * Stress
    * Toothaches
    * Wrinkles
    * Aches and Pains
    * Immunity
    * Heavy Metal Toxicity
    * Joint Health
    * Headaches

How does the ionic foot spa work? 

We begin by placing a module into a basin of water.   The module emits an undetectable electrical current which breaks up the water molecules to form those all important negative ions.   Negative ions are very powerful antioxidants that both alkalize the body, and deliver oxygen to the cells, which in turn helps to rebalance the body’s homeostasis.  When you alkalize and rebalance the body, it can begin the process of eliminating excess toxins through the liver, bowels, kidneys, and skin, not only during, but also after the foot spa session.  This is important because disease cannot survive in an alkaline, balanced internal environment.

What does the color of the water indicate?

Actually, the color of the water will change with or without your feet in the water due to the reactions taking place between the electrical current, minerals in the water, and oils from the feet.  Although detoxification is taking place during the session, and the water color will darken from the client’s own emission of toxins, we must be careful about making any judgments based only on the water color.  For example, we cannot assume, as some have advocated, that the color of the water indicates which organ of the body is detoxifying.  There is no scientific proof for this assumption.  It is safe to say that an eventual lightening of the water color indicates a reduction of toxic emissions which is what we are looking for. 

How many foot bath sessions should a client do and how often?

Generally, it is recommended by professionals to do a series of 6-15 sessions depending on the individual and how toxic they are.  After those initial sessions are completed, you may graduate to once per week for a period of time and finally maintaining with 1- 2 sessions per month.  Always allow at least 72 hours between foot bath sessions, as it is important to permit the body to rest between sessions. 

What can you expect after a detoxification session is completed?

Because you have absorbed a large amount of negative ions during your foot bath session, you should feel refreshed, and experience mental clarity and increased energy.  However, your body has also been encouraged to release the toxins that have been held in storage.   When toxins are released into your system, you may experience headaches, nausea, or fatigue, especially if you have been eating wrong, not exercising, not drinking enough water, or are constipated.  Therefore, for best results, drink plenty of water after each session to keep the poisons diluted and the tissues hydrated so elimination of toxins is easier.  Also a bowel movement should occur within 12 hours so the poisons will not be reabsorbed back into the system.  Because minerals are employed to carry toxins out of the body, it is of utmost importance that you also replenish your minerals with a high quality mineral supplement such as Nature’s Sunshine Ionic Minerals. 

Are there supplements that will enhance the detoxification process during the initial foot spa sessions?

We would at least recommend a Nature Sunshine product called Clean Start to cleanse the bowels so the poisons will not be reabsorbed into the system.  Other cleansing products to consider during your foot spa series, depending on your detoxification needs, are a liver cleanse, a heavy metal cleanse, a parasite cleanse, or a kidney/lymphatic drainage product. 

The “Perfect Care” Foot & Calf Massager

Included with every Deluxe Ionic Foot Spa session is the use of our “Perfect Care” Foot & Calf Massager. The Human Touch foot and calf massager delivers the very latest in high-tech robotic foot and calf massager technology. Inside is a complex massager system of rollers that move in three dimensions to deliver therapeutic massage techniques that are based on the methods used by live massage therapists. Let this Human Touch massager revive your tired feet!

We invite you to come in and begin your ionic foot spa detoxification process. 

Each session includes a 15 minute foot & calf massage, followed by a 30 minute Ionic Foot Spa.  After the foot spa, we provide you with an electrolyte and mineral replacement drink. We also offer you an optional exfoliating foot scrub and a revitalizing foot lotion. What better way to relax, to detoxify, and to improve your overall wellbeing all at the same time!

$30 - Deluxe Foot Spa Session

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