Specific Body Systems Bio-Surveys

This takes computerized Bio-Surveys to a new level in obtaining an accurate health evaluation and achieving a proper nutritional protocol by allowing you to choose any one of nine different Body System target scans.

The Bio-Survey measures specific stressors and determines which ones may be out of normal range. It scientifically identifies body system preferences via calculated bio-communication using stimuli that obtain a biological response from the body. Then, it provides a recommendation for particular nutrients that will help restore balance or homeostasis to the body by bringing important stress markers back into range.

This is ideal for anyone needing to give special attention to a particular body system. Choose from any of the following Bio-Surveys:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Digestive/Intestinal/Hepatic
  • Immune
  • Male
  • Nervous
  • Respiratory
  • Structural
  • Urinary
  • Weight Management

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Target Body System Bio-Survey $45 assessment/consultation fee is waived if recommended Bio-Survey products valuing $100 or more are purchased.** This is a scan that targets specific body systems. Choose from categories such as Cardiovascular, Digestive/Intestinal/Hepatic, Immune, Male Health, Nervous, Respiratory, Structural, Urinary and Weight Management.