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Have you ever considered full- or part-time involvement in the natural wellness industry?

Explore retailing, consulting, or networking. Whatever your interest, we can help step you through the rewarding process of establishing yourself as a natural health business expert. You can even work from home, or, add an extra income stream to your already successful business. We believe the opportunity has never been greater because our world faces unparalleled health and financial challenges at this time. Perhaps you are looking for an extra $100-200 per month to better support your use of natural wellness products. But, maybe you would like to build new relationships, expand your skill set, pursue a different career path, find a fresh gratifying life purpose and earn in excess of $20,000-$30,000 per month. You can begin with almost zero start-up costs.

The requirements are:

  1. You like to help people.
  2. You like to learn new things.
  3. You want unlimited income potential.

We have assisted individuals at different interest levels become successful in developing their own natural health and wellness professions. Why not you? Take a step toward better health and financial independence by contacting us today. We would be happy to arrange a time to discuss the possibilities.

RETAILING – Offer customers world class nutritional and wellness products online or from a physical location. Consumers are looking for the best value today. They want to do business with retailers who combine integrity, superior quality and excellent customer service. Our combined 100 years of retail experience will be invaluable to your successful launch and journey into the wonderful world of retailing.

CONSULTING – Provide clients with safe natural methods to boost overall health and wellness. Personal nutritional counseling alongside natural dietary and herbal supplements can help enhance the client’s satisfaction and experience effective results. We can teach and train you how to do it right.

NETWORKING – Direct sales offers several distinct advantages like unlimited income potential, job security, freedom to work your way in your time, cultivating new skills and often a greater life purpose. You can count on our commitment to support you as you develop your organization.


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Be brilliant! Be healthy! Be you! Choose the business model that fits you best!