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Our mission is to serve your nutrition and wellness needs by offering professional services, educational support, and highly effective products to help you achieve optimal health.

With three traditional Doctors of Naturopathy and a team of many trained associates on staff, we have a combined experience and knowledge base of well over 100 years.

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"I purchased here because I trust them! They are very helpful for me and my family. The store is home-like & welcoming with educated workers who do their best to help us."

Joy T., Decatur, IN

"They are very helpful at A Harvest of Health and always have a wide assortment of products."

Tammy B., Bryant, IN

"I appreciate how they incorporate faith into their store & run their business. It is peaceful & happy there and the staff is knowledgeable, helpful & joyful."

Amanda D., Ossian, IN

"I initially purchased from you because I was interested in vitamins, and I heard of your good reputation. Your store is inviting, homey & relaxing."

Jana D., Ossian, IN

"Some of the reason why I purchased at A Harvest of Health is because of the quality of their products, the organization and aesthetic beauty & peace there. The store is highly educational as well as lovely & peaceful. I always sense the presence of the Lord! Your staff is friendly & knowledgeable, and I love the education you all provide, from brochures to explanations."

Cathy L., Berne, IN

"I like that at A Harvest of Health I get an honest product from honest people."

Sharon S., Bluffton, IN

"I purchased from A Harvest of Health because I trust their products and want the healthiest products possible. The store is perfect: great supplements, food items, cleaning products and gift items. Their staff is wonderful, knowledgeable, caring and beautiful, inside & out."

Cathy H., Bluffton, IN

"I like the product. It's always refreshing to come in to A Harvest of Health. I love your people that work there. They are so nice & so helpful, and they care about us."

Susan H., Bluffton, IN

"I have bought from you because of the ease of special ordering products. Your store has good displays and balance of products, supplements & foods."

David H., Uniondale, IN

"I have been coming to A Harvest of Health for over 25 years and purchased from them because I trust them to know their products and advise me honestly & well. I love going there. The atmosphere is so calming and peaceful and smells wonderful. Everyone is always so kind & helpful."

LeeAnn G., Bluffton, IN

"I trust A Harvest of Health to provide the best quality products. It is well-organized & clean and not overwhelming."

Sherry J., Bluffton, IN

"I first heard about A Harvest of Health by the grace of God. I wouldn't buy from anyone else. I feel so much love as soon as I walk in the door."

Brenda J., Keystone, IN

Some of Our Featured Products

A Harvest of Health offers many products to keep your mind and body happy and healthy.

Our line of professionally formulated A Harvest of Health Wellness Products provides a robust and ever expanding, multi-category portfolio of world-class nutraceuticals.

NSP produces some of the world's best herbal supplements and wellness products. The quality process starts with the raw herb harvested from the fields and extends through the manufacturing process to the finished products you use every day.

Explore doTERRA essential oils to help you fulfill vital health needs and objectives.

Straight from our Tasting Parlor come gourmet-like naturally flavored Olive D’ Vine Balsamic Vinegars and Extra-Virgin Olive Oil blends.