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Individual Health Coaching

Stop guessing! If you are having difficulty maintaining vibrant health and vitality, and are wondering if chronic stress, poor diet, lifestyle and exposure to toxins and chemicals in the environment may be adversely affecting your body, we can help. At A Harvest of Health Nutrition & Wellness Center, we offer you the benefit of planned consultations and wellness training with any of our staff Traditional Doctors of Naturopathy.  We can assist in determining an effective personal wellness strategy by identifying problem areas before advanced issues occur.  The best defense against disease is good health.  Begin taking a more proactive approach to health today!

Included in each consultation is a highly advanced computerized Elite BioSurvey that helps determine your individual health needs.  Click here to learn more about this technology.

What to expect :

  • Do expect to identify root causes of your health concerns. 
  • Don’t expect us to diagnose disease.  Only a licensed medical doctor can diagnose a disease.  Our focus is on building health, not treating disease.
  • Do expect to learn how to cleanse the body of toxins and rebuild nutrient deficiencies.  Author Dr. Sherry Rogers says that 95% of all diseases are a result of toxin overload and nutrient deficiencies.
  • Don’t expect to not address your lifestyle.  We will partner with you as we explore upgrades in the diet, exercise and other necessary changes that will enhance the benefits of your program.
  • Do expect support and answers to your questions.
  • Don’t expect to meet your wellness goals overnight.  Just as it takes time to build a quality home it also takes time to build quality health.  While some changes happen quickly, others will take longer.

Traditional Doctors of Naturopathy

Your consultation will be with one of our three staff Traditional Doctors of Naturopathy.  Each Doctor has received their diploma at Trinity College of Natural Health and pursues continuing education annually through various classes and seminars.  With over 70+ years of combined experience, our Traditional Doctors of Naturopathy will help you realize your goals.  Whether you are looking for answers to chronic health concerns, need more energy,  or manage your weight and reduce the effects of stress we are here to help! 

Initial Consultation - $99
Follow-up Consultation(s) - $59
Download a comprehensive intake form today and begin your journey to better health!  Mail or email the completed intake form to A Harvest of Health Nutrition & Wellness Center to schedule your appointment.