Elite – Comprehensive Bio-Survey

This is one of the most highly advanced bio-technology assessments available for use among natural wellness practitioners. It measures fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin as the body responds to various digital stimuli via a special ZYTO technology hand cradle. Galvanic Skin Response (the same science used with lie detectors) is employed to evaluate fluctuations in up to 60,000 stress markers, which is then analyzed and interpreted to accurately determine the specific nutrients or wellness applications your body most prefers. 

The benefits of this cutting edge bio-technology can be experienced by meeting with one of our traditional doctors of naturopathy. By partnering with one of these natural health professionals you will be able to experience your highest level of natural wellness. Whether you wish to sleep better, have more energy, manage your weight, reduce the effects of stress or just achieve more optimal health, we are here to help you reach your goals.

"Each person's uniqueness demands a personalized approach to their individual health care needs. Using ZYTO technology to know a person's biological preferences helps me to make more successful therapeutic recommendations. The ZYTO system does this in an affordable and highly cost-effective manner."– W. Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H)

Bio-Surveys do not diagnose or recommend treatments; they simply provide information that should be considered by a qualified healthcare practitioner in determining a course of action.

To schedule an Elite Bio-Survey with one of our traditional Doctors of Naturopathy, download the personal intake form.  After it is completed, fax - (260) 824-8580 or email it to us and we will contact you to set up your appointment.

The Elite Comprehensive Bio-Survey w/consultation fee is $99 for the initial visit and $59 for follow-up visits. Allow an hour for the first session and one-half hour for follow-ups.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  A Harvest of Health and associated practitioners do not prescribe or diagnose.  Please see a qualified healthcare practitioner if there is a medical emergency.


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