Our Services

If you are like most people today, chronic stress, poor diet, lifestyle and exposure to toxins and chemicals in the environment may be adversely affecting the health of your body. Fortunately, we can help.

At A Harvest of Health Nutrition & Wellness Center, you can choose from several methods of evaluation that assist in determining an effective personal wellness strategy. We also offer you the benefit of planned consultations and wellness training with any of our staff Traditional Doctors of Naturopathy.

Identifying problem areas before advanced issues occur is the most effective way to promote physical wellness. To accelerate your wellness objectives, we encourage you to add one or more of our therapeutic services to help complete your personal wellness program. Begin taking a more proactive approach to health today!

“The best defense against disease is good health.”

Personal Assessment Services

Comprehensive Consultation

(Individual Health Coaching)
Schedule a personal consultation with one of our staff Traditional Doctors of Naturopathy to maximize your efforts at achieving and maintaining optimal wellness. This consultation includes a customized wellness program.

Compass Assessment

(Galvanic Skin Response)
This high-tech computerized analysis delivers highly accurate results, increasing the likelihood of proper supplementation by up to 500%. It scientifically measures specific preferences via calculated bio-communication using stimuli that require a biological response from the body. Choose from a variety of Bio-Surveys uniquely designed to fit your specific needs and wellness objectives. Out-of-state? Ask about our remote scan.

Digital Pulsewave Analysis

(Cardiovascular Screening)
Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer for both men & women in America. Finally, a scientific computerized heart & circulatory check that is quick, pain-free, reliable, non-invasive and affordable.  The DPA provides information on arterial wall stiffness, the biological age of arteries and seven other indicators.

Targeted Lab Profiles

(Specialized Testing)
Laboratory testing can help provide you with additional information regarding your health.  These profiles may be recommended, if necessary, during your consultation with a staff Traditional Doctor of Naturopathy. You can receive a wide range of blood and saliva tests at up to 80% off standard pricing.

Therapeutic Wellness Services

HyperVibe Exercise

(Whole Body Vibration Exercise)
The HyperVibe machine is a revolutionary way to stay healthy and fit. Just 10 minutes a day 3 times weekly on our vibration machine is all that is needed to safely improve your muscle strength and muscle tone, circulation, bone density, flexibility and balance. More than 100 years of research has proven additional benefits of reducing pain and the effects of stress, while energizing your whole body. Safe, simple and efficient, the future of exercise is high G-force whole body vibration training!

Deluxe Ionic Foot Spa

(Detoxification and Relaxation)
We start with a stimulating foot massage then move to a special foot emersion that provides an efficient and relaxing way of eliminating toxins that can accumulate in our bodies. Join the ranks of people who testify to feeling re-energized after the treatment and able to sleep better at night.

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

(Detoxification and Relaxation)
Detoxify and live! Toxins are everywhere – in our air, food, and water. Unfortunately, the body doesn’t have the ability to adequately detoxify many of these chemicals, heavy metals, and other poisons. The result is that the body stores them in fat and other tissues where they can become a major cause of illness, pain, cancer and accelerated aging. The Health Mate® Far Infrared Sauna is an effective means for detoxification of damaging chemicals and heavy metals through enhanced perspiration. Dr. Sherry Rogers, M.D. contends that it is the only way to get accumulated plasticizers (today’s most common toxin) out of the body. The Mayo Clinic has demonstrated that the Far Infrared Sauna is the safest way to induce “healing sweat”. Check out our affordable Health Mate Far Infrared Sauna session rates and set up an appointment to experience effective relaxation and detoxification today.