Adagio Loose-Leaf Teas

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Join one of the "hottest" trends in America today! For years, coffee has stolen the show in the minds of millions of beverage drinkers. But, coffee beware! Tea is fast on the rise and for good reason. It offers a laundry list of benefits and flavors! However, in many cases, your commercially-bagged teas won't deliver on taste & quality, and give a less than favorable opinion of an otherwise great experience.

So where does this leave us?

Enter Adagio teas!

It's tea on the loose, and you will want to catch it quickly! We offer a large selection of beautiful blends along with single delights. Choose from green, black, white, oolong & herbal teas(including rooibos, honeybush, fruit blends, wellness teas, & more)...or take home one of each! Visit our Tasting Parlor on a regular basis to sample the "tea of the day".

If you're interested in combining fun with more understanding, register to attend one of our tea parties! You will learn about various teas, while sampling several flavors. And what's more, you will be able to take advantage of attendee discounts! You can even reserve an entire party for your private group (great for birthdays, Bible study groups, etc)!

Visit us and tempt your sense of smell along with your tastebuds! Experience it all and find out why this is so many people's cup of tea!