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Posted by Jerry Rauch on Monday, June 30, 2014


   Prostate cancer is currently the most diagnosed cancer in the U.S. If you are a man, there is a 17% risk that you will have this problem sometime in your life. So, what can possibly be done to lower the risk and potentially avoid what approximately 1 in 5 men will eventually succumb to? Here are some encouraging statistics:

  • In Parma, Italy, regular use of concentrated Green Tea capsules essentially wiped out the development of prostate cancer among men in the high-risk category. Significant was the daily intake of Green Tea capsules totaling 300 mg levels of the main active catechin (EGCG). The study was conducted for one year and the EGCG intake was equivalent to drinking 3 cups of brewed tea each day.
  • Men participating in a Washington State study experienced a 41% reduced risk of developing prostate cancer by useing Grape Seed extract. Over 35000 men aged 50-76 took part in the study designed to explore the associations of the use of vitamins, minerals and specialty supplements with cancer risk.
  • One study printed in the Journal of Urology indicated that  men using Flaxseed in combination with a reduced-fat diet experienced a reduction in the growth of and a faster die-off of tumor cells than those men who did not.         
  • Researchers at Duke University discovered that men who routinely engaged in reasonable exercise - such as moderate walking several hours per week - were much less likely to end up with a prostate cancer diagnoses.
  • In addition, Isoflavones, standardized to 40%, found in Red Clover extract has been suggested to halt the advance of prostate cancer by increasing cell death in low-to-moderate-grade tumors

There is abundant evidence indicating the benefits of a variety of natural herbs and commonsense lifestyle habits in addressing the risks of prostate cancer. Whether you or a loved one has the potential for falling into this ill-health category, it would be well-advised to embrace and explore information like what has been shared today. It could mean the difference between compromised health, or early death, and the blessing of a long and active life.

Note: For more information on this topic, refer to Health Freedom News, Winter2013, Volume 31, No. 4, pp 20-21.

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