Does An Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

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Posted by Jerry Rauch on Thursday, April 24, 2014

I am eating an apple as I sit here typing this blog. Perhaps you enjoy this fruit as much as I do, but regardless, I would like to help you discover any inherent truths in the old adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” I decided to do a little detective work on the real benefits of eating apples regularly and here are my findings. This wonderful fruit, preferably organically grown, may indeed reduce the risk of common day health concerns such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and even cancer.

Apples contain a soluble fiber called Pectin that can positively affect blood sugar and blood pressure levels. It also has the ability to reduce high levels of LDL cholesterol. In addition, Pectin benefits the digestive system by helping to broom out unwanted debris that can collect there and cause intestinal problems. Boron, a trace mineral found abundantly in apples, is known to support brain health and bone strength. This fruit is also rich in Vitamin C which helps promote healthy immunity and general well-being. The flavonoid, Quercetin, also found in apples helps reduce the chance of free radical damage in the body, potentially reducing the risk of numerous kinds of cancer, reduce age-linked issues such as Alzheimer’s and premature aging. An apple contains a powerhouse of phytonutrients that inhibit cell damage, including Beta-carotene and Vitamin E, both of which have been noted to lower the risk of cardiovascular risks and asthma. If you are having difficulty losing weight, try an apple just ½ hour prior to your biggest meal: you will likely eat less and improve digestive function. Beside its teeth cleaning ability, an apple between meals can also help kill bacteria in the mouth that can cause tooth decay.

With minimal research, no one has to look long to find a plethora of health benefits related to the routine consumption of apples. They are not only delicious to eat, but, they are also easily accessible and affordable. I have often challenged those who think that eating healthier costs more by asking them to consider the comparable cost of a bag of chips and a bag of apples, then to think about which of those two choices could be consumed most quickly. Most people readily admit that a bag of chips could easily be eaten in one sitting, if desired, but that only one or two apples can be eaten at a time. So, the next time you make a trip to the supermarket, remember the many benefits of including apples in your diet. You’ll likely be healthier for it and spend less on grocery and doctor bills.


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